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Our clinic was created to provide medical care best suited for the youngest patients.
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uśmiechnięta dziewczynka uśmiechnięta dziewczynka

We are a team of professional doctors proud of many years of experience in working with children.

Our clinic was created for children, we provide the full range of professional dental services for all our patients, even the ones with chronic diseases and disabilities. Many years of clinical experience in Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka hospital results in ability to apply professional medical treatment to all of children. We offer a wide range of complex medical treatments for adults such as: endodontics, dental-prosthesis, oral implantology, cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery.

For our patients we are able to provide safe and efficient general anaesthesia as well as sedation based on nitrous oxide, so called laughing gas.

We love working with children!

Plombino is tailored for children treatment because our team is skilled accordingly.
We use the best high quality equipment, the safest and most modern materials. Moreover we consider the age of our patients to accommodate to the varieties of personal development of children in order to choose and apply the correct occlusion treatment and assure healthy permanent dentition.

Child’s smile is the most important matter for us.

Plombino is an exceptional dental clinic, one of few dental clinics designed for children, where professionals look after children’s smiles. Following the rule of “4 handed dentistry” we guarantee the highest level of service and bacteria safety.

Your child will never again be afraid to visit a dentist.

We have comfortable offices, play space for children with many interesting toys. We offer professional and safe treatments in friendly and relaxing atmosphere, where every young patient is rewarded for bravery!

We provide the best specialized equipment and treatment.

Our professional doctors use the highest quality equipment for your treatment and their concern is to treat carefully and reduce the necessity of follow up visits.

You can be sure that the highest hygiene standards, sterility and security measures are applied in our clinic.

The application of the latest treatments allows us to reduce unnecessary pain or stress and increases the comfort of your visit, which is especially vital in the case of the youngest patients.

Experienced team

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Fluent English:

dentist Łukasz Adamczyk
dentist Dorota Tymińska
dentist Emilia Mucha
dentist Maja Lipiec

Communicative English:

Ph.D. Ewa Krasuska-Sławińska
dentist Izabela Minko-Chojnowska
dentist Katarzyna Świstak

We will take care of you and your children because for us your smile is the most important matter!

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